The idea of those paintings was born some years ago. Firstly, I painted panels for a friend of mine for the scenery of a disco. Then I developed the idea to create a particular style which could give a triple reading of my paintings and a technique adapt to any period of time during the day. Let’s say, a painting which changes completely during the hours of the day and upon the exposition to particular luminous effects.

From the photos represented in the gallery, the effects are not visible, but I want to explain with a detailed description to give the idea of it.
In the pictures in my website, the background seems to be white, but in reality is a light yellow realized by a particular fluorescent paint which absorbs the light from the surrounding. During the day, the painting is exactly as it appears in the gallery, at night, instead, after having absorbed for few minutes the artificial light with a light bulb, if you turn off the light, the painting is luminous in the light yellow part, creating a light zone for a certain period of time depending on how much time it has been exposed to the light source. The third way of reading the painting is to shine the Black light or Wood’s lamp on directly, with the rest of the room completely in the darkness to create the identical effect that you have in a disco when you see your white clothes lighting on becoming white/light blue. (The Wood’s lamp or Black lamp is a lamp that emits ultraviolet radiation in the long-wave range and it is also referred to as a UV light, ultraviolet light).

What I want to express through my fluorescent art is a total involvement of the human sight and emotion. I mean, the human eye perceives, a far more intense colour because the fluorescent pigments look so much brighter than the conventional ones. Moreover my art is imbued with them, so that the luminous paint illuminates the entire painting: the emotion that is expressed is a direct consequence of this. As sensations are unconscious, the real effect of light reproduced on canvas let the human consciousness wanders in a ‘spiritual reality’ completely ‘abstract’, a parallel world where feelings and passions compose the existence, what I called ‘Visionary Art’.